Eddie Whelan

Eddie Whelan

Work from his oeuvre.

“There’s something -I don’t know -insouciant about these School of Athens folks. That’s one of the definite links, a kind of throw away, thrown together quality, that teases because I’d be equally unsurprised to learn that every second was laboured over mightily. (Think not though, but of course that’s not a criticism. ) Of course the styles of the various “members” differ somewhat too. Eddie Whelan seems to specialise in a rather garish but fetching pop surrealism.
I like the somewhat in your face and worn at the edges motion graphics as much as I find genuinely evocative the appropriated beach (eclipse?) footage. Also, what’s not to like about a movie featuring a minor BBC cult science reporter of the 80s… Whelan’s idosyncratic way with spelling engages rather than irritates which for me at least is a bit of an acid test. Good.” -Michael Szpakowski 

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