Dru Donovan

Dru Donovan

Work from her oeuvre.

“Young American photographer Dru Donovan’s photographs are ambiguous and sensitive and compelling. Looking at the images, its hard to know whether her work is staged, or more reportage based. She graduated from Yale last year, but information on her or her work is scant, which actually serves to make the images more intriguing and open to interpretation.

Taking place in a strange suburban limbo, and dealing with issues like body image and the awkwardness of teenage years, Donovan’s work shows subjects seemingly uncomfortable in themselves, often awkward in front of the lens. There are shades of Diane Arbus with her uncanny knack of capturing weirdness in mundane situations, but it’s Donavan’s ability to capture the vulnerability in her subjects in such a thoughtful way that makes her work so powerful. A talent to watch.” – text via Vision Field.

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  1. Jennifer writes:

    I really like this body of work. The way repetition is used in the first three really catches my eye. I think that the repetition aspect of them works really well with the content and idea behind them. Dealing with teen self-esteem and body image issues works great with repetition. It isn't something you see just once in your life or even just once in a day. It is an issue that you see repeated over and over and over again. I think the use of the repetition of objects such as the hands, the arms holding a mirror with a face, or the similarity between two like looking figures. I think that body image issues and poor self-esteem is a very important issue among our young culture today and I think photography is an extremely interesting way to approach that issue, seeing that media which undoubtedly includes photography is a lot of the cause for the issue in the first place. Nice choice of photos!

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