Shigeru Takato

Shigeru Takato

Work from Our Elusive Cosmos.

“These are photographs of landscapes on Earth relating to the exploration of space and our cosmos. These relations could be scientific, mythological, factual, or religious. We often analyse, philosophise and romanticise our cosmos. Our knowledge of it is limited and much remains unknown and a mystery. In the late 60’s and early 70’s we began to see images of the lunar landscape. NASA’s Martian rovers “Spirit” and “Opportunity” send images of the Martian landscape everyday. These landscapes we see of space are loaded with thoughts, beliefs, ambitions and imaginations, in which we search for more clues and knowledge. But are we seeing anything other than what we expect? Are these landscapes from outer space anything beyond our imagination? When we are faced with these images, what are we really seeing? Can we imagine any extraterrestrials that do not look like our typical aliens?” – Shigeru Takato

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  1. Christina writes:

    Great images. I especially enjoy the triptychs. They fit together very nicely with the small white spaces separating them.

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