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Shigeru Takato

Shigeru Takato Work from Our Elusive Cosmos. “These are photographs of landscapes on Earth relating to the exploration of space and our cosmos. These relations could be scientific, mythological, factual, or religious. We often analyse, philosophise and romanticise our cosmos. Our knowledge of it is limited and much remains unknown and a mystery. In the […]

Daito Manabe

Daito Manabe Work from his YouTube Channel. “Redefining the existent media and technologies from unique angles, he has been active in various fields, such as art, design, and even research and development. He produces sounds, images, and light by analyzing and transforming numerical values gained from various sensors and input devices. He is internationally active […]

Lieko Shiga

Lieko Shiga Work from Lilly. “Her stunningly eerie images from the series Lilly manages to create an unreal sensation of being in viewers. Drawing inspiration from paranormal photographs popular in the early days of photography, Lieko shot these images of residents staying in a block of council flats in East London, where she was pursuing […]

Wakaba Noda

Wakaba Noda Work from Blink and Making a Map. “The above work is taken from Noda’s “Blink”, a series of diptychs. This series was given an honorable mention by famed critic Kotaro Iizawa at the 2006 Canon “New Cosmos of Photography” competition. About this work, Noda says that she “tried to make the physical body […]

Osamu James Nakagawa

Osamu James Nakgawa Work from Banta. “In Okinawa, the precipitous cliffs that fall hundreds of feet to the ocean below are called banta. For years I have carried with me a vivid memory of the first time I stood atop these cliffs—a memory of beauty in the endless blue expanse of sea and sky intensified […]

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Hiroshi Sugimoto Work from Lightning Fields (also check out all of his work if you haven’t seen it before). “The word electricity is thought to derive from the ancient Greek elektron, meaning “amber.” When subject to friction, materials such as amber and fur produce an effect that we now know as static electricity. Related phenomena […]

Yuki Onodera

Yuki Onodera Work from Eleventh Finger I saw some of Onodera’s work (albeit not this work) at Photo Paris this year, and I reencountered her work at Van Zoetendaal and decided to share. “Paris-based Japanese artist Yuki Onodera makes intellectual hybrid art that plays in and around photography.  For this series of surreptitious snapshots of […]

Takeshi Moro

Takeshi Moro Work from the series, Pedestal for Apology. “My work explores the personal and public reconciliation process and how these experiences may be manifested within the experience of art. I am interested in contemplating the accumulated historical weight that each of us inherits in society and that, to a certain extent, defines our identities. […]

Mayumi Lake

  Mayumi Lake Work from Poo-Chi. Poo-Chi is a deceptive and hilarious body of work that seemed like the perfect Sunday post. Enjoy. “The images in this book are not what they at first appear to be. Look again, and closely. Mayumi Lake’s series of color photographs focuses on the wakinoshita, presenting this often neglected […]

Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota Work from Inside/Outside,  Lebensspuren (Traces of Life) and Trauma / Alltag. Reviews of all sorts can be found here. Goff + Rosenthal has a great collection of her work as well. Spend some time on her site, there is tons of great work there. I saw the Lebensspuren installation last fall in Berlin, […]