M+M (Marc Weis and Martin De Mattia)

M+M (Marc Weis and Martin De Mattia)

Work from Meet the Artist’s Wife, Duftwolke, Mail in a Bottle and  Autobahnschleife.


The Buyer can get in touch with either one of the artists wife, Betty or Susan.
Betty is brunette, sensual, intelligent and witty.

Susan is blonde, erotic, romantic and has a good sense of humour.

For 500 Euro the buyer can meet the avatar of the chosen artist’s wife in Second Life for two hours. The code name and the exact meeting point will be issued. Other virtual meetings or a meeting in real life are not planned at the moment but can be discussed during the proceedings.


By means of a specially constructed machine, a perfumed cloud is dispersed at regular intervals from an Alpine mountain peak. A meteorological diagram gives its position within the climate system and explains its diffusion on a typical spring day.


“Mail in a bottle” is an attempt to establish, in consultation with experts, a ‘message in a bottle’ station for Venice. Expert opinions (from the Nuremberg Post Museum, a canal construction engineer, a Venetian postman, etc.) were solicited beforehand via an Internet forum and discussed.

The “Mail in a bottle” system is realized in accordance with their proposals. The system allows visitors to the Venice Biennale to send letters in specially designated bottles. In keeping with the natural setting of the city of Venice, the bottles, which are corked at the station, are entrusted to the waterways and the sea as carriers.


The project offers the driver a chance to leave the motorway at a sign-posted exit and take a 360 degree bend which loops back to the motorway, rejoining it at the point where he left. The whole enterprise is being developed in close collaboration with an office for Construction building. In the same time an exact map for the construction was being developed. A digital image incorporating the landscape of the site located near Vittorio Veneto, illustrates the sculptural quality of the motorway loop in the surrounding countryside.

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