Niels Stomps

Niels Stomps

Work from Fire and Snow.

“Svalbard, Spitsbergen’s location at 78 degrees north latitude makes it the world’s northernmost permanently inhabited settlement. The island is literally cut off from the rest of the world by sea or ice. The rhythm of nature is so dominant that the only recourse is to adapt. Svalbard’s inhabitants did not arrive by accident. Many made a conscious decision to leave civilization behind. What could be a better place than an island within the polar circle?

Mining has always been the main source of income for Svalbard´s inhabitants. Nowadays, scientific research is also a source of income. Various installations throughout the island refer to the research that is conducted there.

It is the contrast between the past and future of the island that appeals to me, but particularly man’s persistent urge to broaden his horizons and literally seek out its boundaries.
The scientists can be seen as modern-day explorers. How people settled on this desolate site, how they adapt to their surroundings.”

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