Mark Lyon

Mark Lyon

Work from Landscapes for the People.

“My inspiration for creating photographs stems from finding and documenting peculiar juxtapositions in everyday places. This process often involves the act of rephotographing photographs.

My current series, Landscapes for the People, looks at the use of romanticized wallpaper landscape photographs found in everyday environments. These wall sized photographic murals
seem to serve a psychological function, given their potentially intimidating or banal locations, like dental rooms and laundromats. These landscape murals allow the viewer an alternate mindset to nerve racking procedures or the mundane activities of everyday life.

Photographs from Landscapes for the People use the peculiar relationship between found images and operative items. The resulting photographs of these locations document the strange play of the functional environment and the idealized psychological landscape.”

One Response to “Mark Lyon”

  1. Jennifer writes:

    These are wonderful! What a clever idea. This really intrigues me and makes me laugh, especially since my father has a seen of a golf course on the wall of our basement. It is such an ironic thing when you think about it. People are so attached to their technology that now they have to bring nature to them in the form of huge mural photographs that make you seem as though you are in a field of wild flowers while at the dentist. It is scary enough going to the dentist, much less having this huge mural of such a fake situation makes it that much more awkward. I think this is a great idea to explore, good work!