Adam Tindale and Jordan Tate

Adam Tindale and Jordan Tate.

Work from Lossless Processing.

“Lossless Processing challenges the representational nature of photography and examines programming as a visual medium by re-ordering the digital photograph using Processing and a custom QuickSort algorithm.

Sorting algorithms are one of the most basic functions in computer science, and analogous to our cognitive thought processes. Algorithms are traditionally valued on their theoretical least cost upon a given data set, rather than the aesthetics of the intermediate states. This project uses naive sorting to explore the process and function of our modified BucketSort and QuickSort algorithms in order to explore the aesthetics of process rather than quality of product.

Our works are re-ordered and removed from their previous context while still being an accurate representation of every pixel in the original image. In this process, the image now functions conceptually as a collection of visualized data rather than a mechanical/digital reproduction of reality. The action of re-organizing the photograph makes tangible the traditionally transparent functioning of the medium.” – Adam Tindale and Jordan TateĀ 

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