Frank DiPerna

Frank DiPerna

Work from Presence of Things.

“The work in this portfolio The Presence of Things reflects an interest in continuing to photograph in a somewhat directorial manner; much like I had done with the portraits. In this case I introduced objects into the landscape environment rather than using people. The work was done largely by trial and error, I would acquire an item that I thought was interesting and look for what seemed to be the right place for it.

I wanted to retain my affection for beauty as revealed in my landscape work but add a touch of surrealism as another issue to consider. This work was exhibited at the Kathleen Ewing Gallery in 1998. In a review in The Washington Post on May 7, 1998 the critic Ferdinhand Protzman said when referring to one of the images ‘It’s a postcard from the edge, a reminder that the strangest creation roaming the landscape has two feet and a camera in its hand'” – Frank DiPerna

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