Chajana denHarder

Chajana denHarder

Work from Body Works.

Imagine you are on a city street, then you are the city street. You are the thoughts of the street, you are not you. Then suddenly a man with a ladder knocks into your back. You are shocked and ask yourself why and what’s going on. Then the shock disappears and you are yourself again. In life we are constantly experiencing all three stages at the same time.

Remembered dialogue from a performer in a Tino Sehgal situation.

My art investigates divergence and assimilation: change in form and the assimilation of self into other people, places and states of being. I am driven by the desire to be so close to something, to understand and love it so completely that I unite with it.

I begin this process by taking pictures of my body in a space, with an object or with a person. Then I merge myself and the space together. Once merged I begin editing myself out of the space: dissolving the connection, dissolving space.” – Chejana denHarder

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