OIivier Charlot

Olivier Charlot

Work from Japanese Conjecture.

“My initial photographical approach began exclusively on events met in the street. Then my place of experiment moved from outdoor shooting to studio shooting. Nowadays it is important to me to compose my images, independently of happenstance. I can set up events in a process of photographing ideas, sustaining a capacity of conception and an aspect of subjective character. By using the language of photography of contemporary still-life, I fix ephemeral artistic acts. The medium of photography allows me to form a syntactic continuum.In a so-called atypical fusion, the objects, between each other, exchange, penetrate, shock and come very close to absurdity. I am interested in these modes and qualities of relation.In the series entitled japanese conjecture, I introduce objects, some borrowed to Japanese culture, others to childhood, thus operating a signs removal. These settings provide a complex of feelings, like a perfume or a sound set, in which an entity is revealed.” – Olivier Charlot

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