Robert Wodzinski

Robert Wodzinksi

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“ is a web project started in summer 2006. in the beginning most content was generated through the corruption of jpeg files using a text editor. fragments and, occasionally, full bodies of texts were inserted into the jpeg’s data. eventually this method became hypnotic and clipping of code and animating of broken images brought to mind burroughs/gysin and cut-up under the influence of the dream machine applied to photography and JPEG reproductions of art for the screen. a small edition of prints resulted as well and can be found in the Rhizome offices or in some basement in portland, OR (i think i lost them all). texts used: selections from e. dickinson’s complete poems: part IV time and eternity, louis zukofsky’s “A”, pts. 7/8/12, adorno’s minima moralia, baudrillard’ssimulacra and simulation, deleuze and guattari’s thousand plateaus, etc. some images were found art-historical and some were made. corrupted files were animated in the order that they were corrupted, resulting in the animated dissolution/reformation of the image. the site is continually updated, but the work with deformed jpegs no longer continues. is there more ground to cover there? ” – Robert Wodzinksi

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