Guthrie Lonergan

This model is from a dream i had. i dreamed it would be a home for a person in outer space. it would float out in space aimlessly. the person would get his oxygen from the tree and his food from different fruit and vegetable plants that he would plant before being sent into space. it obviously doesnt have all the things i dreamt about. in my dream there was a pond with fish and that is how the tree got its water. there was a dirt pathway from the tree to the pond and there were rocks that the person could sit on.

i’m curious what was in the dream that is not in the model? also, was the surface of the sphere visible like it is here?

In my dream, I was inside it, and the whole thing was floating out in space. I remember looking at all of the stars and seeing planets slowly go by. The sphere was crystal clear, but you could tell that it was there. It was so clear though it was almost amazing. There were also other spheres around mine. Each had one person in it. Oh yeah and the people in the spheres, including me, were dressed in white robes. Within mine, there was a huge tree, as you can see in the picture, and a stream. The whole sphere in its self was massive. I remember there being a little hut where supposedly I would go sleep. the thing that was most noticable though was that all the colors were so vibrant and deep. They were all earthy colors, but it was just so beautiful.


i had the wierdest dream last night. i was walking downtown when a space ship landed in the street, naturely i dove for cover behind a bush. thank you to dj orion for the road

i’m curious if the blue flames from the jets on the spaceship were in the dream? also, there seems to be some sort of steering column inside of the spaceship, is this something that you remembered?

to answer your questions, yes there was blue flames from the spaceship, and yes, i do remember the steering column was something i remebered. i remember the aliens comming out and there was that steering column.


Guthrie Lonergan

Work from Google 3D Warehouse.

Lonergan gained inside access to a tight knit Google 3D Warehouse community, allowing him to question their intentions and motivations in recreating their dreams in the 3d software. – curated by JstChillin.

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