Paul Sepuya and Timothy Hull

Paul Sepuya and Timothy Hull

Work from The Accidental Egyptian and Occidental Arrangements.

“The book The Accidental Egyptian and Occidental Arrangements features over 25 photograph-based collages of xerox imagery on cut paper. Culling from our personal image collection, the collages reflect not only our personal aesthetics and sensibilities but new compositions and relationships. This project is also furthering our respective use of xerox collage and book/zine format. The series is very much about arrangements, with repeating deconstructed portraiture and images of Coastal Maine, Rainforests and Ruins all taking cues from each other to suggest various relationships of cultural and humanistic qualities. We were inspired to make this book a reality after being asked to produce a piece together for TOKION’s February 2010 “collaboration” issue.” – Sepuya and Hull

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