Tereza Zelenkova

Tereza Zelenkova

Work from her oeuvre.

From an interview with Grant Willing on too much chocolate

GW: Your work feels very intentional and considered, but there is still this lingering sense of spontaneity in some of your images. Can you tell me how you go about making your images?

TZ: Actually my work is very unintentional and unconsidered. My latest project on Bataille is definitely a bit more controlled; at least I am trying very hard for it to be and that’s why I’m shooting in the studio. But usually the way I control the final outcome and communicate my ideas is through editing. I don’t take too many photos but editing is seriously at least 50% of my work. The amazing thing about photography is that you don’t have absolute control over the resulting image and some of the choices you make while creating a photograph are entirely unconscious. In the end it is the process of editing that allows you to be entirely in control and work with specific agency.

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