Alexandr Skarlinski

Alexandr Skarlinski

Work from his oeuvre. Screen captures are from here and here.

In lieu of a statement, I have placed Skarlinski’s most recent writing below.

I have been thinking about a new idea for a project lately, that would unfortunately require much too much grant money and free time to currently pursue.  The work itself is quite simple, to be presented as a short, documentary style film, some photos, and a sculptural relic.  I myself, as the artist or creator would be the vocal or living feature of the documentary, occasionally appearing with a beard, with different hair cuts and disheveled appearances, hopefully to exemplify the great time and stress that goes into any long term personal endeavor.

The process now becomes a logistical catastrophe.  In the backyard of my house, located in the city, which I rent with my girlfriend and dog, I would build a boat, or rather a ship.

A largish ship, large enough to live in, and large enough to confirm sea worthiness.  The hull of the boat would be lifted above the yard by great wooden beams, like the ones seen in illustrations of the ark. Any normal yard stuff could continue around and under the hull of the ship, gardening, dog matters and the like.  The references to the biblical ark would be, as with any hand built boat, unavoidable however never fully discussed unless with a joking manner.

The documentary itself would feature the shipbuilding, my girlfriend and myself living with the structure, my dog being a dog around it, and most importantly the ship and its creation becoming a local spectacle.  Neighbors would come by and ask us about it, some would gossip, plenty of joking and backyard bbq conversations would concern the ship and the people around it.  People from other neighbor hoods would begin to flock to the ship, like a roadside attraction. Others from around the city would create their own attractions. Post cards would appear at novelty stores with images of the ship, a local t-shirt that never sells would be at others. Old men would fantasize about it at local bars, landlords would scorn its existence.  Morning news stations would have quick three minuet sections about a young artist couple and their crazy shipbuilding project. “I am building the future home for my girlfriend, myself and our dog.” It will seem quite adventuresome.

Eventually the boat would be finished, however I live some three miles away from the city harbor. A helicopter comes, it lifts the boat and it soars the three miles to water. A sailing metaphor gliding over the neighborhood and neighboring ones alike, passing past the business district, office working turning heads, executive meeting halting in spectacle. We are all so confidant, though our hair is on end. The helicopter floats there above the water, the boat just inches from landing. We all realize that there is still so much room for failure the boat could still sink.

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