Michelle Ceja

Michelle Ceja

Work from her oeuvre.

Ceja and I have work in the upcoming shoe A Diamond is Forever at extra extra along with Alexander Skarlinski, Daniel G. Baird, and Dave Murray. The show opens October 1st @ 7:00.

“Extending the idealism granted to youth to the whole of humanity, this work acknowledges that our ability to conjure such grand ideas as the infinite – while awe inspiring – falls short of revelation. The denial isn’t cold-hearted. It isn’t cynical. The denial comes from a place of sincere reflection. While Ideas larger than life can rest in our mind – and can remain there, in a place of ever-present possibility- they remain out of reach, unable to be manifested except in part and by analogy.

With necessary thrift and detachment, this work is representative of the elusive desires and grandiose philosophies that lie outside of mortal human experience; ideals that are valued but unknown.

Attempting to immortalize some time, some thing – pointing at what is not measurable, trying to hold what is intangible-This work represents possibilities. To the idealistic, our philosophical and material gain is limitless. These ambitious ideals are a treasure, but like most treasure, the impossibility of attaining them always looms.” – extra extra

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