FIELD (led by Marcus Wendt and Vera-Maria Glahn)

“FIELD is a design studio using generative strategies in graphic design and digital art.
We design custom software tools and processes to express an idea across a wide range of media: from print to animation, interactive installations and websites. Our goal is to merge code-based design with established digital content creation methods.
Inspired by modern art, nature, science and technology, we aim to create animate images with a life of its own. Generative Processes, Interactive Systems, and Artificial Life are the reference points from which we draw ideas, methods, and mindset into our design process. We believe this FIELD is still largely unexplored, and that there are exciting visual places yet to be discovered in this landscape.”

On Interim Camp:

“The constant transformation of the landscape shapes and their surfaces is based on generated motion sequences of drifting and constantly transforming surface structures, which were created with a custom generative software tool.

A fascination for the beauty of mountain views and glaciers was at the starting point of Interim Camp.
The dynamics that shape the earth´s surface until today are fascinating and frightening at the same time. Regarded in time lapse, mountains, valleys and plains are folded, sharpened and grinded like paper structures.
Respectively insignificant the human being appears in the dimensions of these forces. Tectonics and weather forces, time and chance create these inimitable irregular patterns that we recognize as nature.

For our film, we wanted to gain control over these forces; create shapes and structures that are surreal and supernatural, yet so detailed that they might fool us for being real.”

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