Aleksandra Domanovic

Aleksandra Domanovic

Work from 30.III.2010.

“Here, the big utopia of a new medium, as it was the theme of classic late nineties, is no longer an active concern. The work of the participating artists is characterized by the prosaicness of computer and Internet use, as it became normal for a wide range of the population, in particular for the generation of the “digital natives“  who grew up with the Internet.

The artists of the exhibition investigate the mechanisms and aesthetics of the Internet. Today, the Net is largely commodified and increasingly controlled, e.g. under the pretext of copyright issues (as suspected in the late nineties). On the other hand, it still provides opportunities for anarchic, uncontrolled thinking. It is not so much about strict separation, but about the natural or playful use of the paradox exemplified by the possibility of political and aesthetic alternatives taking place within commercial platforms such as Facebook or YouTube.

As a memorial for the “.yu” domain – subject of conflicts during the war, now switched off as of the end of March 2010 – she developed a series of paper sculptures. They consist of several thousand printed A4-sheets. Stacked, they make a picture appear, showing nationalist Ultras in Belgrade’s football stadium.” – text via the exhibition Surfing Club.

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