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Mandla Reuter

Mandla Reuter Work from his/her oeuvre. This artist was found (as many have been in the past) on VVORK, Reuter’s image marks their last post of regular daily activity. If you haven’t spent time with their archives, I highly suggest you do so – it remains one of the most relevant and rich resources I […]

Markéta Othová

Markéta Othová Work from her oeuvre. “Marketa Othova’s large-scale black-and-white photographs are exhibited as suites of images that create a lyrical narrative of nomadism, charting her travels between her native Prague and cities beyond. They are captured moments of transit: a glance from the window of a car or a train or a moment caught […]

Rubén Grilo

Rubén Grilo Work from his oeuvre. “Using a diverse variety of media, such as PowerPoint presentation, archive material, found objects or laser projected animation, Rubén Grilo explores the notion of art as pure information. The main point of departure is the tradition of conceptual art, but stripped of nostalgia. His work often takes the form […]

Aleksandra Domanovic

Aleksandra Domanovic Work from 30.III.2010. “Here, the big utopia of a new medium, as it was the theme of classic late nineties, is no longer an active concern. The work of the participating artists is characterized by the prosaicness of computer and Internet use, as it became normal for a wide range of the population, in particular […]

Jessica Pooch

Jessica Pooch Work from her oeuvre. INSIDE MONDRIAN The work “inside Mondrian” is constituted in an installation consisting of a projector, a fog machine, a Metal tube and a ventilator. Beamer and fog machine to face off in a line. The projector projects the image without interruption. The fog machine is equipped with a metal pipe […]