Riley Harmon

Riley Harmon

Work from Passengers.

“Other works explore the notion of the real self verses the virtual self. For example, in Riley Harmon’s video works “Passenger 4 (Laurel Canyon)” and “Passenger 5 (Collateral),” the artist … inserts himself in car scenes in movies, as if he was actually in them.

“A lot of the things I make often have to do with simulation, virtuality and network culture,” Harmon says. “These pieces are experiments in using my visual-effects skills to see if it was possible to replace actors in film scenes.”

What is most amazing is that each scene looks believably real, but they are quite humorous. Harmon shows skill not only technically, but as an actor because in each, not a word is spoken. Only expressions are exchanged between the actresses in the scene and himself. That makes it seem very real, but funny when you realize he is a virtual stand-in.” – text from Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Getting Closer

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