Robert Overweg

Robert Overweg
Work from his oeuvre.
“I try not to follow the roads I am supposed to take, but try to seek out my own path within and outside the given boundaries of the game. I find joy in making use of a glitch/error which gives me the possibility to have a different look at the virtual world. Flying around and running through walls which I am not supposed to do gives me a sense of freedom and the ability to move in ways I can’t in the physical world. I want to look behind the curtain of the virtual facade and show it to the world.

I hope that my view of the virtual world will in the long run make us think about actually using the new possibilities that the virtual world offer us and try to create a more innovative and challenging virtual world.” – Robert Overweg (statement from Glitch, but appropriate for all of the presented works)

via Triangulation Blog

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