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Jason Gowans

Jason Gowans Work from Five Landscape Modes. “This show was created from physical objects. I built maquettes using found negatives, my own photographs, and images from the Internet. I photographed them to create several angles, exposures, shadows I took many cues from Robert Smithson’s Non-Sites, Michael Snow’s La Région Centrale, and western movie sets” – […]

Iman Issa

Iman Issa Work from Triptychs (and others). “Issa’s Triptych series (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6) from 2009, is a group of six beautiful wall installations comprised of photography, video objects and texts. They are images of places she collected in New York and restaged; settings that occurred through a personal psychological process in order to reveal personal associations. […]