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Ott Metusala and Erki Närep

Ott Metusala and Erki Närep Work from Take it from here @ Konstanet “Far more people see art on screens than in museums. The gallery is no longer the primary exhibition space – the Internet is. Consequently more and more exhibits are carried out not in a physical form, but instead posted on websites as two-dimensional images. […]

Luc Fuller

Luc Fuller Work from his oeuvre. “I’m interested how images depend on and transform ways of thinking about language, communication, and meaning-making. I’m curious how conceptions and perceptions of image, viewer, and truth, are transformed through various contexts and cultures. Employing a syntactical approach to image making, I paint signs, symbols, and shapes. The paintings […]

Vinjon (Jordan Vineyard and Hunter Jonakin)

Vinjon (Jordan Vineyard and Hunter Jonakin) Work from their current exhibition at MOCA Tucson. “Vinjon Global Corp is a collaborative art project, as well as a privately traded C-Corp, which is registered in Minnesota. It was founded in 2012 by Hunter Jonakin and Jordan Vinyard in order to create products for artists, art installations, and […]

Super Modern Art Museum

Super Modern Art Museum ( Work from their current exhibition. Works featured above are: Jon Satrom, Nicolas Sassoon, Yann Weissgerber, and Jennifer Chan. “Visual arts have entered a new era. It’s a place where immediacy rules, where visual arts becomes virtual, a place that links the world together. A new era for artists who have […]

Ethan Breckenridge

Ethan Breckenridge Work from his oeuvre. “TV Ads A scientist, after driving his electric/eco friendly go-cart like car to an observatory, looks through his telescope to discover an apocalypse-heralding asteroid tumbling towards the earth. In a heartbeat he is online finding his nearest Hummer dealer, and then off in his go-cart to the dealerships. The […]

Fach and Asendorf (Gallery)

The Fach and Asendorf Gallery is a collaborative project between Ole Fach and Kim Asendorf. Their debut exhibition features the works of Emilio Gomariz and Andrey Yazev. While not in the exhibition, I have included one of Gomariz’s works that shares a process with his works in the show. “The Internet, it is everywhere. It is here, it is […]

Iman Issa

Iman Issa Work from Triptychs (and others). “Issa’s Triptych series (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6) from 2009, is a group of six beautiful wall installations comprised of photography, video objects and texts. They are images of places she collected in New York and restaged; settings that occurred through a personal psychological process in order to reveal personal associations. […]

Toril Johannessen

Toril Johannessen Work from Transcendental Physics. “Toril Johannessen opens the spring season in NO.5. In her fascination with nature and the history of science she creates her visual works by way of methodical testing and an analytical attitude to the empirical and theoretical. The aesthetic grows up in a personal interpretation of the documentary where […]

Arabella Campbell

Arabella Campbell Work from her oeuvre. “Aligned with a systemic approach to abstraction exemplified by the work of Agnes Martin and Robert Ryman, Arabella Campbell is becoming increasingly recognized for her formally and conceptually meticulous practice. Her work often acknowledges the edges of its own material and institutional support structure, to nuance and qualify our […]