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Casey REAS

ele Casey REAS Work from Substrate “The Substrate series breaks apart television signals into fixed, laser-etched surfaces. Using the Control Room images as a foundation, it pulls apart the data to form a new landscape.The circular form and matte finish of anodized aluminum refer to instruments for measuring electrical signals.” via Western Digital

Idan Friedman

Idan Friedman Work from Profiles. “Profiles, a project by Israeli-based designer Idan Friedman, references commemorative medals and historic portrait miniatures typically set in gilt metal but introduces a contemporary twist. The portraits, embossed on aluminium throw-away trays, suggest that ordinary people (like Idan’s local cashier pictured) deserve recognition. Skillfully executed, this project perhaps also suggests […]

Irena Knezevic

Irena Knezevic Work from Failure of Visible Universe. “This work, conceived as a ongoing collaboration with University of Chicago Department of Astrophysics, functions as an annual index of all galaxies imploding since the work was first exhibited in 2006. Especially pertinent in a time of recession and disaster, recently the editions were developed into personal […]