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Casey REAS

ele Casey REAS Work from Substrate “The Substrate series breaks apart television signals into fixed, laser-etched surfaces. Using the Control Room images as a foundation, it pulls apart the data to form a new landscape.The circular form and matte finish of anodized aluminum refer to instruments for measuring electrical signals.” via Western Digital

Vincent Dulom

Vincent Dulom Work from his oeuvre. “…I manipulate pigment without premeditation, carefully avoiding imposing a gesture. painting is subtle. Trying to intervene as little as possible, I work intuitively, so as not to pre- judice the result. uncertainty informs my attitude. When I begin working I do not want anything in particular, I only respect […]

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin Work from People in Trouble. “People in trouble laughing pushed to the ground. Soldiers leaning, pointing, reaching. Woman sweeping. Balloons escaping. Coffin descending. Boys standing. Grieving. Chair balancing. Children smoking. Embracing. Creatures barking. Cars burning. Helicopters hovering. Faces. Human figures. Shapes. Birds. Structures left standing and falling… The Belfast Exposed […]

Amie Siegel

Amie Siegel Work from Black Moon. “The centerpiece of this three-part work is “Black Moon,” a partial remaking of Louis Malle’s 1975 film of the same title. A present-day science-fiction without dialogue, Siegel’s “Black Moon” traverses multiple film tropes – action, guns, lonely campfires, the end of the world – and, like its band of […]