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911,000BC at Grand Century

٩‎١‎١‎,000 B.C. at Grand Century. Featuring: Anders Dahl Monsen Bjørnar Pedersen Christopher Kulendran Thomas Ida Eritsland Ilja Karilampi Kareem Lotfy Karen Gimle Kjersti Gjestrud Mikael Brkic Phillip Zach Renaud Jerez Sandra Vaka Olsen Tarik H. Hindic Tor Erik Bøe curated by Agatha Wara “We’ve come a long way bb’s. But let’s keep going, to a […]

Dread Pirate Roberts

Since May 1, ilikethisart has been operating with an experimental format, and many of you have noticed monthly aesthetic/topical shifts in the works posted. I want to take this opportunity to thank the previously anonymous (or at least unannounced) contributors that have kept the site running since May. First and foremost, I would like to […]

Roman Liška

Roman Liška Work from his oeuvre (including work from Liška’s upcoming exhibition, Nu Balance,  at Rod Barton). “Roman Liška’s most recent body of work incorporates excerpts from the Financial Times Weekend Magazine’s “Life & Arts” section, from which it draws headlines including “Wealth Creations”, “Chalet Girls” and “Risqué Business”, as well as passages from “How To Spend It” […]

Miriam Steinhauser

Miriam Steinhauser Work from On the Prowl. “Throughout history, art has served society’s rich and powerful individuals and institutions, helping to raise their public profile as has been the case with the church, the royalty and the bourgeoisie upper class. In modern times, politicians and CEOs are known to be photographed in front of a […]