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Walter de Maria

Walter de Maria Work from his oeuvre. “…He was best known for large-scale outdoor works that often involved simple if rather extravagant ideas or gestures: a SoHo loft filled with two feet of earth, for example, or a solid brass rod two inches in diameter and one kilometer long driven into the ground in Kassel, […]

Robert Morris

Robert Morris Work from his oeuvre. “Morris’s early sculpture tended to emphasize a banal repertoire of form and subject-matter, while attempting to investigate the role of language in artistic representation. Metered Bulb (1963; Jasper Johns priv. col., see 1971 exh. cat., p. 57), in which a working lightbulb is displayed with an electric company meter monotonously recording […]

Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman Work from New Age Demanded. “Inspired by classical Greek busts, Jon Rafman uses computer software to digitally render three-dimensional forms. The forms act as the structural surface on which two-dimensional Internet-sourced images are applied. The series is presented as large-scale archival pigment digital prints. Each print is created with its own specific texture […]

Yves Klein

Yves Klein Work from his oeuvre. “Due to the fact that I have painted monochromes for fifteen years, Due to the fact that I have created pictorial immaterial states, Due to the fact that I have manipulated the forces of the void, Due to the fact that I have sculpted with fire and with water […]

Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly Work from his oeuvre. “American artist Ellsworth Kelly is universally recognized as one of the most important purveyors of American abstraction. Born in Newburgh, New York, Kelly studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn until he was drafted into the U.S. Army at the age of 20, spending the majority of his military […]

Oliver Laric and Raffael Dörig

Oliver Laric and Raffael Dörig Work from Kopienkritik at Skulpturhalle Basel. “Kopienkritik, German artist Oliver Laric’s summer solo project at the Skulpturhalle Basel, waxes upon the politics of the reproduction of images while drawing upon the Swiss museum’s collection of plaster cast copies of sculptures from classical antiquity. Laric collaborated with the museum’s staff to […]