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Seth Adelsberger

Seth Adelsberger Surface Treatment @ Springsteen Gallery “Surface Treatment examines the chemical and scientific properties of painting. The Submersion paintings are the result of a refined procedure that is a combination of washes, staining, and the gestural application of gesso. The paintings are created in batches of 3-6. Some paintings in each batch succeed, while others […]

Laurie Kang

Laurie Kang Work from Kang‘s exhibition at Erin Stump Projects. “In 1966 the American literary journal Yale French Studies dedicated an issue to Structuralism, a fashionable theory pursued by European literary critics. The theory held that a close reading of any text should be considered with a greater awareness of its historical context; that every […]

Robert Canali

Robert Canali Work from his oeuvre. “Abstractions of refracted light, visible only “in dust”, emphasize the physical and chemical aspects of photography through the unique character of the negative. This work was inspired by phenomenons of light and rendered by means of large format photography. Comprised of both colour and black and white photographs, this […]