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Kristen Kay Thoen

Kristen Kay Thoen Work from her oeuvre. “The words of the self-proclaimed ‘para-photographer’ evoke the grounds for my formal explorations with photography. My creative process is largely informed by my concern with the impact of accelerating technologies on human perceptions of and relationships to nature. My relationship to photography is a transformative one. The images […]

David Maljkovic

David Maljkovic Work from his oeuvre. “Maljkovic’s art is open and fluid: the narrative structure of the episodes from which it is composed can be manipulated and reordered. At the CAPC, he underscored this ability to reinvent his approach through a careful dialogue with the museum’s architecture, by dividing a wing of the building into […]

Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan Work from Based on a True Story and Happenstance. “Included in this exhibition is the piece titled, Letters from Dr. Bamberger, 2001-ongoing. I have aestheticized my relationship with my general physician, Dr. Mark Bamberger. It is his practice to send letters to his patients after they have had an annual physical. The quasi-performative […]