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Lyota Yagi

Lyota Yagi Work from his oeuvre. “Appearing from out of the darkness, Lyota Yagi opens a small box and takes out a number of remote controls – those everyday items that one uses to operate household appliances from a distance. When he moves the arm which is holding a remote, while also holding down a […]

Nick van Woert

Nick van Woert Work from his oeuvre. “Van Woert, on the other hand, addresses classical sculpture through his totemic works, which feature busts of Franz Schubert or David and, in the case of “New Order,” Ionic proportions. However, where one might expect classical materials, van Woert favors a kind of Home Depot aesthetic, employing insulation […]

Collin Zipp

Collin Zipp Work from his video and collage series. Below is a IM / email interview I conducted with Zipp. The collages above are not originally diptychs, I have paired them for formatting reasons. “Raw video footage is degraded using physical forces. The resultant images are then digitally captured and edited.” – Collin Zipp JT: […]