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Hassan Khan

Hassan Khan Work from his oeuvre. “Is it possible to isolate, extract and hold up for inspection the essence of a culture? In a city like Cairo, teeming with endlessly competing stories and voices, any attempt to tease out the core threads of its cultural identity is almost certainly doomed to sloppy generalization or scattergun […]

Gareth Long

Gareth Long Work from Venns. “Two lenticular prints featuring variations on Venn diagrams overlaid with diptych images relating to sculptural and theatrical traditions of Ancient Greece. The circular diagrams move and shift as the viewer walks past the prints. The circling shapes of the diagrams seem to suggest a boundary to what we can know […]

Regina de Miguel

Regina de Miguel Work from Report (Informe). “These images propose a series of scenarios regarding symbolic constructions not purely illustrative but subject to an interpretation, in terms of its futuristic and theatrical nature allusive of a type of cinematographic and literary science fiction (La Jetée, THX 1138, Solaris, Alphaville…). Focused on an estrangement before the […]