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Yunior Mariño

Yunior Mariño Work from his/her oeuvre. “The immensity of the sea, the sound, its utopic dimension and such mixture between the instant and the eternity. Yunior Mariño has built a language that moves around paintings photography and installations establishing a connection between the micro moment, the instant and the eternity, the nothingness and the absolute, […]

Kerry Mansfield

Kerry Mansfield Work from Borderline. See related work from Barbra Hilski. “When I first encountered what I now call, a Borderline image, I wasn’t sure if the resulting negative would tell the same story as my eyes. My camera responded with a defiant “Yes!” when contact sheets revealed an entirely new world. So I began […]

Koen Hauser

Koen Hauser Work from the series De Luister van het Land, A la Recherche de l’Aventure Perdu and Opus Magnum Atomium. All of Hauser’s works have a distinct pseudo-scientific, pseudo-realistic aesthetic that reminds me of old phrenology portraits from the early years of photography.  ____________________ Galerie 37 Spaarnestad invited me to make new work with material […]