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Richard Mosse

Richard Mosse Work from Quick. “…His work from Eastern Congo, a part of the world largely overlooked by mainstream media, is no exception. Mosse used Aerochrome, an obsolete technology, to create an alternative image of the complex social and political dynamics of the country. The film, designed in connection with the United States military during […]

Kelly Richardson

Kelly Richardson Work from Twilight Avenger, Exiles of the Shattered Star, and Wagons Roll. It’s hard to pinpoint what’s so unnerving in Kelly Richardson’s video and photographic work at Birch Libralato. It could be the way the unnatural is continually made to appear natural. While it might seem that Richardson is making a statement about […]

Koen Hauser

Koen Hauser Work from the series De Luister van het Land, A la Recherche de l’Aventure Perdu and Opus Magnum Atomium. All of Hauser’s works have a distinct pseudo-scientific, pseudo-realistic aesthetic that reminds me of old phrenology portraits from the early years of photography.  ____________________ Galerie 37 Spaarnestad invited me to make new work with material […]

Li Wei

Li Wei Work from the series Li Wei falls to… Wei also has some interesting process videos here. Check out this one in particular. All of his work is worth checking out. The newer work reminds me of Kerry Skarbakka. I will post his work tomorow.