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Simon Starling

Simon Starling Work from his oeuvre. “Humor is little discussed in art criticism, though funny art abounds. Many of Simon Starling’s projects have been comic—slapstick and harebrained, funny ha-ha and funny peculiar—at the same time that they have been unimpeachably erudite. In his thought and work processes, Starling generally follows one thing with another, a […]

Dan Shaw-Town

Dan Shaw-Town Work from his exhibition at Seventeen Gallery. “Dan Shaw-Town’s first solo-show with the gallery is an arrangement of four wall and floor based pieces. Each work contains a composition of graphite and spray paint covered paper, which has been heavily worked, creased and manipulated, or folded over on itself repeatedly. The works employ […]

Russell Hill

Russell Hill Work from his oeuvre. “The work of Russell Hill engaged in a playful and ironic way, with themes such as consumerism, mass merchandise and the throwaway society. He uses objects that we use every day and around us as if they belong to us. Hill arranged these items in an aesthetically pleasing manner, […]

Hugh Scott-Dougles

Hugh Scott-Douglas Work from Moire Paintings. “Scott-Douglas makes work that refers to production itself, to its consumption and to its container, using visual cues gleaned from minimalism and op art. The central dialectic of the work springs from the tension between the need for a rigid authority figure, on the one hand, and the very […]