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Alex Da Corte

Alex Da Corte Work from his oeuvre. “Mr. Da Corte’s work revisits the objects and fascinations we’ve left behind by using low-cost items the way Jim Hodges uses bodily fluids. However, while Mr. Da Corte references Abjection, and artists like Mr. Hodges and Eva Hesse, the approach is different. “It’s kind of that romanticism with […]

Chadwick Rantanen

Chadwic Rantanen Work from his oeuvre. “The objects are easily transportable, erectable and dismountable. What’s more, in an exhibition context they are visually reticent. Like Barnett Newman’s zips or Fred Sandback’s yarn vectors, they oscillate between asserting themselves as figures in the foreground and receding as gaps or spatial incisions. In pictures (and perhaps too […]

Borna Sammak

Borna Sammak Work from “Jeff Cold Beer” at JTT, New York. “Extrusion grinds food down to tiny pellets and presses it into shapes. It is the manufacturing process that gives Cheetos and Doritos their addicting uniformity. The term is also used to describe the rendering of three-dimensional images, and for Borna Sammak extrusion’s double meaning gives a […]

Brett Ginsburg

Brett Ginsburg Work from his oeuvre. “The art objects I create serve as new interpretations of idols and icons. Works reflect on the redress of commodities, desires, and fetishization/frivolity within a material indulgent culture. These notions embedded within my works aim to rearticulate our cultures trajectory and pursuit in image viewing through conscious appropriations and […]

Russell Hill

Russell Hill Work from his oeuvre. “The work of Russell Hill engaged in a playful and ironic way, with themes such as consumerism, mass merchandise and the throwaway society. He uses objects that we use every day and around us as if they belong to us. Hill arranged these items in an aesthetically pleasing manner, […]

Mark Leckey

Mark Leckey Work from See We Assemble. ” In a multi-disciplinary practice that encompasses sculpture, sound, film and performance, Leckey explores the potential of the human imagination to appropriate and to animate a concept, an object or an environment. Drawing on his personal experiences as a London-based artist, who spent his formative years in the […]

Michael Johansson

   Michael Johansson Work from his oeuvre. “In his playful installations and sculptures Michael Johansson puts the qualities from daily life objects in opposition to their field of application. By repetition, displacement of scale and new function he questions the receivers interpretation of the unique. In the exhibition Strings Attached at Nordin Gallery the work […]

Jonathan Dankenbring

Jonathan Dankenbring Work from Prototyping Fulfillment. “Every object present in our daily life reflects ideological information about its maker and its audience. Yet, often we do not take time out of our busy day to ponder how our built environment is manipulated through visual and physical means. My most recent series of works are carefully […]