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Christoph Meier

Christoph Meier Work from his oeuvre. “While the situations staged by Christoph Meier are characterized by an abstract, geometrical formal vocabulary, the objects used appear to represent a plot. The emphasis here is on the performative and narrative potential of the media and presentation formats themselves. For Christoph Meier, exhibitions are only a moment, an […]

Rolf Nowotny

Rolf Nowotny Work from his oeuvre. “So “mouthbreather” is a derogatory term for someone who for whatever reason doesn’t breathe through the nose but through the mouth, obviously. These people just seem to bumble through life with open faces and in the drizzling rain they might even squint their eyes and their tongues hang out […]

Elena Bajo

Elena Bajo Work from her oeuvre. “Her concept-generated and research based practice is concerned with the social and political dimensions of everyday spaces, the strategies to conceptualize resistance, the poetics of ideologies, and the relationship between temporalities and subjectivities. She works individually and collectively across installation, sculpture, painting, performance, participatory events, film, text and writing. […]

Anna Sagström

Anna Sagström Work from her oeuvre. “Sound, light, plaster, yarn, cassette tape, wood, tar, image, text, concrete and fur, are all materials we have an experience of. We have touched them, felt them and we know how to relate to them, whether it is an experience of a solid material such as concrete or an […]

Nanna Starck

Nanna Starck Work from her oeuvre. “An empty stage, a picture frame still missing its subject, a pedestal on which nothing is placed. Yet. These are some of the elements in Danish artist Nanna Starck’s sculptural practice. Trained at the cross-media department of Wall & Space at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Starck […]