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Rebecca Ward

Rebecca Ward Work from her oeuvre. “Ward’s site-specific works are intricate and thoughtfully planned geometric installations applied to an interior in a way that comments on the site’s architecture. Ward’s signature medium is tape — be it electrical tape, duct tape or masking tape. Through this medium she explores the unique structures of the sites […]

Brian Khek

Brian Khek Work from his oeuvre. “Interpreting our relationship with information as a visual spectrum of didactic signifiers, the images in my work subjugate and expand physical experiences simultaneously. The fixed image inherently rephrases an experience. Documentation of this work is not interchangeable with the original object. It instead behaves as a different language through […]

Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley Work from Moonmilk. “McGinley describes his work as a journey, and his photographs form a ʻtravel logʼ which captures his experiences across the American landscape. This particular adventure pushed his troupe to new levels of bravery, testing the participantsʼ fortitude and endurance in hazardous conditions. McGinley recalls, “there is something prehistoric about a […]