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Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley Work from Moonmilk. “McGinley describes his work as a journey, and his photographs form a ʻtravel logʼ which captures his experiences across the American landscape. This particular adventure pushed his troupe to new levels of bravery, testing the participantsʼ fortitude and endurance in hazardous conditions. McGinley recalls, “there is something prehistoric about a […]

Paul Kooiker

Paul Kooiker Works from Hunting and Fishing. Bonus post! I found some more blurry / out of focus works today. My theory of all out-of-focus photography coming from German born or trained photographers is shot, Kooiker is Dutch all the way. I am fully aware that these images are spreads, but I decided to leave […]

Koheis Yoshiyuki

Koheis Yoshiyuki Work from The Park (1971-1979). The work is not new at all, but it really is great and I wanted to put it up today. If you haven’t seen these yet, you have been missing out. Great write-up from Philip Gefter at the New York Times. “WHY are the Japanese couples in Kohei […]