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Miles Greenberg

Miles Greenberg Work from LATE OCTOBER (performers and collaborators listed in the link). “The Black body as infrastructure for the divine, the Black body as a vessel, the Black body as a generative and re-generative terrain, in Permanent Readiness for the Marvellous; the Black body as the liminal; the Black body as the cusp of […]

Baden Pailthorpe

Baden Pailthorpe Work from Cadence I – IV “The institution of the military is steeped in performative traditions, rituals and practices. Indeed the collective military body can be thought of as being characterized by a carefully calibrated choreography of movement. Cadence (2013) is a series of four new-media artworks whose subject sits between war and performance. […]

Elín Hansdóttir

Elín Hansdóttir Work from On Misunderstanding. “When understanding collapses, confusion follows, and in the mess new discoveries can be made. On Misunderstanding looks into the nature of misunderstandings, into how communication can break down, into behavioral malfunctions, into illusions, distortions and parallel realities. Is it all a question of perspective? A bad translation? Or is […]

Chris Collins

Chris Collins Work from his oeuvre. “Much of the material Collins chooses to work with are dated and with limited aesthetic means. There is an impending sense of mortality linked to the obsolete junkyard of the virtual realm, where things are lost, or constantly being updated or redefined. Core beliefs about identity, love and the […]

Jaap Drupsteen

Jaap Drupsteen Work from Hyster Pulsatu. “Hyster Pulsatu is a theatrical dance performance that could never take place in a theatre. Thanks to the mixing table, the artist becomes a divine choreographer who can let dancers play in space, in rivalry with graphical image elements; who manipulates the space itself, moulding it to every wish […]