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KangHee Kim

KangHee Kim Work from O0ps.

Johnny Abrahams

Johnny Abrahams Work from his oeuvre. “On first encounter with Abrahams’ work one lets oneself slide comfortably into comparison with known oscillators of our viewing pleasure… Riley, Albers, Vasarely, Stanczack, Biggs and Collings and Cruz Diaz amongst others. There is a continuity of tradition evident, however, with each successive artist having the advantage of hindsight, […]

Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley From top to bottom: Cataract IV (1967), Fission (1964), Molecey (1976), Kiss (1961) “Riley was born at Norwood, London, the daughter of a businessman. Her childhood was spent in Cornwall and Lincolnshire. She studied at Goldsmiths’ College from 1949 to 1952, and at the Royal College of Art from 1952 to 1955. She began painting figure subjects in a semi-impressionist […]

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Carlos Cruz-Diez Work from “The Color Space & Time” at Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo – MUAC. “Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color in space and time is the first retrospective of Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. The exhibition presents a selection of 120 works made from 1940 to the present, which bring the public to a large production center for art artist […]

Jay Shinn

Jay Shinn Work from his ouevre. The below text is from Post-Op at Mixed Greens. “Mixed Greens is thrilled to present Post-Op, a group exhibition exploring the influence of Op Art within contemporary visual art practice. The recognizable movement of the mid-60s was dismissed by many critics of the time, but the movement—grown out of […]

Esther Stocker

Esther Stocker Work from her oeuvre. “In the late nineties Esther Stocker debuted with geometric abstract paintings, in which signs and orthogonal grids are superimposed on a limited range of colours: white, grey, black. In these paintings, the irregular grids recall the concept of ‘mimesis’ – not in the Platonic sense of the imitation of […]

Ned Vena

Ned Vena Work from his show at White Flag Projects. “Ned Vena’s paintings combine the artist’s astute readings of minimalism, post-painterly abstraction, and op-art with a unique technical process to render austere meditations on materiality and art history. For this exhibition, Vena will produce a new series of works utilizing common steel doors and adhesive […]