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Jeppe Hein

Jeppe Hein Work from Geometric Mirrors I-III. “Geometric Mirrors is a series of mirror angles, each consists of two mirrors connected to each other at angles of 90° to form a corner. Whereas the mirrors simply reflect the opposite space and the visitors when viewed from the side, an interesting optical phenomenon occurs when the […]

Jay Shinn

Jay Shinn Work from his ouevre. The below text is from Post-Op at Mixed Greens. “Mixed Greens is thrilled to present Post-Op, a group exhibition exploring the influence of Op Art within contemporary visual art practice. The recognizable movement of the mid-60s was dismissed by many critics of the time, but the movement—grown out of […]

Cynthia Daignault

Cynthia Daignault Work from her oeuvre. “…Daignault’s paintings, or visual tautologies, are rendered in a not-quite photo-realistic manner – akin to that of, say, Vija Celmins or Luc Tuymans. They include depictions of analogue and digital projection equipment (e.g. slide projectors, overhead projectors, video projectors, etc.) that are paired with painted representations of their projected […]

Elín Hansdóttir

Elín Hansdóttir Work from On Misunderstanding. “When understanding collapses, confusion follows, and in the mess new discoveries can be made. On Misunderstanding looks into the nature of misunderstandings, into how communication can break down, into behavioral malfunctions, into illusions, distortions and parallel realities. Is it all a question of perspective? A bad translation? Or is […]

Aaron Finnis

Aaron Finnis Work from his oeuvre. “… Aaron’s installations explore concepts of reality, illusion, perception, and deception using the dissonance between the tape sculptures’ similarity in appearance and their assumption of real form through light. Aaron creates art that could be interpreted as a confidence trick: The viewer is deceived by the value of hollow objects […]

Cayetano Ferrer

Cayetano Ferrer Work from Western Import. “Cayetano Ferrer uses existing forms in order to engage in a dialog about the constant flux of the built, contemporary environment. Using inkjet prints on existing objects/architecture that reveal what these objects ultimately obscure, Ferrer exposes the relationship between the built and the rebuilt, surface and hidden, as well […]

Adam Parker Smith

Adam Parker Smith Work from his oeuvre. “Constructing the aftermath of invented ceremonies from materials including paper, wood and fabric, I create narratives by combining real events, daydreams and preexisting fables. Through this combination, I establish a site for disparate elements to congregate. These tragicomic installations are cartoonishly bright, overtly decorative and colorful. They are […]