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Blake Shell

Blake Shell Work from The Gloria Project. “My artistic practice stems from my interest in the influence of the Internet on my generation. The Internet is a central method of contemporary communication, reflecting humanity and all of its cultures, interests, and visions. I look to discover new aspects of humanity and to see the new […]

Jeff Otto O’Brien

Jeff Otto O’Brien Work from Revaluations. “Photography is often seen as an individual endeavor concerned with the documentation of external ephemera and objects. Taking a photograph, as it were, is an intensional act for the photograph is of something- the photographic subject. This commonly held view of photography, which often goes hand-in-hand with the notion […]

Paul van den Hout

Paul van den Hout Work from the series Pixelation. Paul van den Hout’s work, Pixelation, addresses the visual codes of the pixelated image. “The pixel (and pixelation) is a part of our visual code, and a pixelated image has two functions, one denying the viewer access to the complete image, and the other protecting them […]

Marc Volk

Marc Volk Work from the series Speed, Raster 384, Same Time / Same Place (top to bottom). Volk’s work (particularly Raster 384 and Same Time / Same Place) recalls Probst’s process oriented conceptual work from Exposures. In Raster 384 and Same Time / Same Place Volk uses extreme crops of a single image to provide […]