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Wade Guyton

Wade Guyton Work from his oeuvre. “Guyton’s new paintings are ostensibly black monochromes. Made with an Epson large format printer in the same manner as the paintings he has been producing for the last three years, these works are printed on pre-primed linen intended for oil painting and not inkjet printing. As such, the images, […]

Simon Dybbroe Møller

Simon Dybbroe Møller From Hello at Fondazione Giuliani. Press release below. _________ Hello, has a certain non-word-ness about it. It feels more like sound and less like communication of meaning than most words. When Thomas Edison discovered the principle of recorded sound, the first word he yelled into the machine was ‘halloo’. Hello is the […]

Paul Ferragut

Paul Ferragut Work from Time Print Machine. “DIY printing system using felt pen on blotting paper.This machine functions in a similar way to a CNC machine, with an incorporated program to print any image using a time-based algorithm. According to the grey value of a pixel on an image, the felt pen remains in contact […]