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Casey James Wilson

Casey James Wilson Work from Physical Fitness @ Neon Heater. “Via installation and photographic works, Physical Fitness addresses concerns of image consumption and prosumer commerce within the global marketplace, effectively re-contextualizing appropriated photographs and ready-made exercise equipment intended for self-improvement in order to present a foil for trends in the lifestyle commodity of personal fitness. […]

Katinka Bock

Katinka Bock Work from “Februar” at Meyer Riegger, Berlin. “A Conversation between North and February North: My constant is space, my territory immaterial. But time envelops my limbs. It reaches out for me, while I lay my breath on it. Here I exist in a subtle way. The passing of time is inscribed in the […]

Nick van Woert

Nick van Woert Work from his oeuvre. “The post-apocalyptic terrain van Woert covers in “No Man’s Land” is expansive, and initially seems to lack a center. Each piece, however, addresses humans’ conflicting capacities for creation and destruction. The exhibition includes an 8-foot-tall set of silverware, with which van Woert intends visitors to “ingest” his works, […]

Brian Jungen

Brian Jungen Work from his oeuvre. “Within the past few years, Jungen has focused his practice on modernist concerns and contexts, redefining his object making through the use of new materials and processes that reflect this shift, a more intimate relationship to the body, and his family’s traditions and history. Since 2006, Jungen has lived […]

Ole Martin Lund Bø

Ole Martin Lund Bø Work from With Day for Night. “…The title refers to a cinematographic technique used to simulate a night scene, while shooting at day time. Tinted glass, metallic foil, dark wooden boards, a furry tennis ball. Familiar features from storefronts, lowriders, executive offices and clay courts. These works are extractions, rather than […]

Chadwick Rantanen

Chadwic Rantanen Work from his oeuvre. “The objects are easily transportable, erectable and dismountable. What’s more, in an exhibition context they are visually reticent. Like Barnett Newman’s zips or Fred Sandback’s yarn vectors, they oscillate between asserting themselves as figures in the foreground and receding as gaps or spatial incisions. In pictures (and perhaps too […]

Shawn C Smith

Shawn C Smith Work from his oeuvre. “The work is made from a process of searching for images and then comparing and contrasting, cutting out sections, sometimes creating a sheet similar to a sticker sheet of cut outs, and then collaging different high resolution photographs to create a new image. The newly composed images are […]

Allora & Calzadilla

Allora & Calzadilla Work from “Body in Flight“. “The performances for Body in Flight, beginning every hour on the hour, will last 15-20 minutes. That length of time, Allora notes, is a big departure from the typical, 2-to-3-minute gymnastics routine. “We’re slowing things down, stretching them out,” she says, “taking things that you know and making […]

Nina Beier

Nina Beier Work from “Shirts vs Skins” “We prevent the smell of sweat by applying perfume. We raise our voices to drown opposing arguments. To avoid stuff we make stuff. We are jealous of objects, because their permanence reminds us of our own finitude. Yet we produce things, which aim to be durable, imperishable and […]

Simon Dybbroe Møller

Simon Dybbroe Møller From Hello at Fondazione Giuliani. Press release below. _________ Hello, has a certain non-word-ness about it. It feels more like sound and less like communication of meaning than most words. When Thomas Edison discovered the principle of recorded sound, the first word he yelled into the machine was ‘halloo’. Hello is the […]