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Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson Work from Random Hexadecimal Colors, Sorted Numerically “Each frame, a set of 2,073,600 (or 1920×1080) random hexadecimal color values are created, sorted numerically, and drawn to the screen. Values range from #000000 – #FFFFFF (black to white), with all possible colors in between. Frames are created using custom software, which are exported and rendered […]

Jan Robert Leegte

Jan Robert Leegte Work from Random Selection in Random Image “I’ve been working around the concept of the “selection” marquee from photoshop for many years now. I made sculptures, and architectural installations. The notion of the manifested or materialized cognitive process of selecting intrigues me. I see it in an ongoing passion for what I call […]

Brad Troemel and Jonathan Vingiano

  Brad Troemel and Jonathan Vingiano Work from Blind Mist “Blind Mist is a platform that relies on participants to submit their URL to an open database. From here, the website scrapes every image off the URLs participants offer and adds those images to another archive.There is no limit to the number of URLs/images a participant may […]

Michael Sherwin

Michael Sherwin Work from Flux and Form Series “In this series of large format inkjet prints, I set the camera to automatically take pictures each minute as I walk along familiar paths. Then, the collection of photographs is brought into Photoshop, where I create a large canvas and randomly drop each image into the larger […]