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Jan Robert Leegte

Jan Robert Leegte Work from Random Selection in Random Image “I’ve been working around the concept of the “selection” marquee from photoshop for many years now. I made sculptures, and architectural installations. The notion of the manifested or materialized cognitive process of selecting intrigues me. I see it in an ongoing passion for what I call […]

Clint Baclawski

Clint Baclawski Work from his oeuvre. “My most current work depicts a spectacular American culture saturated with large-scale color imagery, consumerism, and forward momentum. The attractions featured in this series are both novel and commonplace, including parades, reenactments, fairs, and trade shows in ordinary communities around our country every day. Each event is transitory, challenging […]

Fach and Asendorf (Gallery)

The Fach and Asendorf Gallery is a collaborative project between Ole Fach and Kim Asendorf. Their debut exhibition features the works of Emilio Gomariz and Andrey Yazev. While not in the exhibition, I have included one of Gomariz’s works that shares a process with his works in the show. “The Internet, it is everywhere. It is here, it is […]

Agnes Bolt

Agnes Bolt Work from Analog Rozendaal. As a retrograde homage to net artist Rafaël Rozendaal, Anges Bolt recreated 5 of his flash sites through the use of physical props in the studio. This backwards translation of web to world is an ironic, pithy, and simple twist on web based works that places the internet in […]

Thomas Eberwein and Marc Kremers

Thomas Eberwein and Marc Kremers Work from As Found. “The Image as it is. As-Found is our creative response to the trillions of images available on the Internet. The ‘As’ in As-Found stands for the perfection we perceive in these images. These images, as they have been found, are perfect in our eyes, and we want […]