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Christian Flynn

Christian Flynn Work from his oeuvre. “ I’m looking at the screen. I remind myself: it’s not the screen, only the image of the screen. An image made from the screen, for the screen, on the screen. But, then again, it is the screen too. I search for an image from the screen. The screen […]

Carson Fisk-Vittori

Carson Fisk-Vittori Work from her oeuvre. “Fisk-Vittori creates work about everyday objects and environments. Arrangements of objects are presented as photographs and installations that question the function, meaning, and history surrounding that object and display. The arrangements feature both deliberate and casual formation that satirize advertisements and lifestyle magazines. Her interest lies in the relationship […]

Genadii Berёzkin

Genadii Berёzkin Work from his/her ouevre. Apart from the stunning combination of visual complexity, accessibility, and kitsch, I have a very difficult time articulating anything about this work. I am not alone in this, as I can find nothing written anywhere about Berëzkin that is of greater length than this post has already achieved. What […]