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David Shoerner

David Shoerner Work from After Gerhard Richter, Betty, 1988. “Publisher and photographer Schoerner uses his camera as a tool in a conceptual art practice. In his serial project After Gerhard Richter, Schoerner plays upon the German painter’s photo-realist painting style by posing his sitters in homage to Richter’s painting of his wife Betty (1998). Richter’s original […]

Agnes Bolt

Agnes Bolt Work from Analog Rozendaal. As a retrograde homage to net artist Rafaël Rozendaal, Anges Bolt recreated 5 of his flash sites through the use of physical props in the studio. This backwards translation of web to world is an ironic, pithy, and simple twist on web based works that places the internet in […]

Mel Bochner

Mel Bochner Works from Misunderstandings (A Theory of Photography) and a few extras. “HANS ULRICH OBRIST: And transgenerational too. Before we were talking about misunderstandings, (and I was curious about this in relation to science and engineering) there can sometimes be productive misunderstandings, and this was just at the moment that you made the amazing […]