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Trevor Paglen

Trevor Paglen Work from Nonfunctional Satellites. Developed in collaboration with aerospace engineers, the nonfunctional satellites are space-worthy sculptures designed as small, lightweight satellites that expand to become large, highly reflective structures. Placing one of these objects into low-earth orbit would create a visible “sculpture” in the night sky, visible from the earth below after sunset […]

De Wain Valentine

De Wain Valentine Work from his oeuvre. “The sculptures that Mr. Valentine has made over the last four decades — quasireligious incarnations of coastal light and air made from some of the most sterile, synthetic materials ever produced by American industry — are not exactly low-end  bartering chips. They have been showing up with increasing […]

Vice Versa

Vice Versa at Tomorrow Gallery Work by Parker Ito and Brad Troemel “Vice Versa, an exhibition by Parker Ito and Brad Troemel, poses alternate conceptions of visuality in light of digital media’s rampant proliferation of images. Through obfuscating the subject of their works each artist points to the now seemingly infeasible possibility of being refused access […]